Welcome to the city of Bamenda.

Nacho Academic Complex is an international institution, multidisciplinary institution which is made up of Nacho Bilingual Comprehensive High School and Nacho Technical Teacher Training Institute Cameroon and its areas of expertise include industrial, commercial and grammar study.

As a competency –based institution, our teaching and other facilities offer students and scholars the opportunity to pursue their academic goals – for grammar, industrial and commercial options at all levels up to CAPIET-I in fields like; motor mechanics, sheet metal and weathering, building construction, home economics, dress making and fashion design, wood working and design, marketing, accountancy, secretary ship, management   and the grammar arts and science series. Our well equipped laboratories and workshops which are of international standards allow our students to gain a unique training for competency. Our boarding houses are also of international standards.

We do not operate as an island since we appear as a unit in the community we belong. We have a sense of corporate social responsibility by supporting the local community, businesses and by awarding scholarship schemes to the underprivileged of the societies here in Cameroon and a global village as a whole.

Our student body is made up of men and women from all the regions of Cameroon and Nigeria. Although our primary aim is to educate and train these future entrepreneurs, professionals and researchers, there are so many other co-curricula facilities (choir, band club, handball, football, basket ball arts and crafting, traditional dance club and many others) that our students enjoy while studying here. All of these opportunities and some outdoor recreation and sports facilities ensure that our students are able to lead sociable and healthy lives outside the classroom.

Nacho Bilingual Comprehensive High School came to existence in 1977 with the aim to provide higher education and professional opportunities to Cameroonians and this institution has gone as far as boring a Technical Teacher Training (ENIET-NACHO) a the sole private ENIET in Cameroon in 2010. This institution has successfully graduated 4 batches of competent teachers. This Academic Complex has now become an important institution in Cameroon involve in the training of competent technicians, engineers, entrepreneurs and teachers.

Nacho Bilingual Comprehensive High School since its creation, have trained competent and prominent Cameroonians and out of every 20 lawyers in the country, at least 2 lawyers are products of Nacho, managers, ministers, national team captain(Tataw Stephen-1990s) and many other educational professionals and entrepreneurs here in Cameroon and abroad.

We warmly welcome you to visit our campus at any time if you are looking for a truly unique experience. We invite you all to come and join the Nacho family made up of over 600 students and over 30 staff and administrators so that together we can bring up talented youths and entrepreneurs who shall help Cameroon emerge.

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