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Admissions into Nacho Bilingual Comprehensive High School Bamenda are done in various ways, since classes vary.


Admission into Form One Technical:

  • Must have passed the Government Common Entrance into Technical Schools
  • Must have passed the First School Leaving Certificate
  • Should produce photocopy of their Birth Certificate.


Admission into Form Two, Three & Four Technical:

  • Must produce progress Report Cards from previous schools of attendance, as from 1st to 3rd term in that particular class.
  • Photocopy of Birth Certificate and 2 passports seize photos for School ID card and Fee card to prove that you’ve finished paying the required fee prescribed by the school.


Admission into Form Five Technical:

  • Much care is taken here.
  • For form five, you must have passed your CAP (Certificat d’Aptitude Professionel) or Ordinary Level GCE Technical. In this class you will be seeking promotion into class six to acquire Probatoire which is the lee way to class seven technical. Some students who have CAP certificates are interested in writing the GCE Technical.


Admission into Form Seven Technical:

  • Students from other schools must produce photocopies of their Probatoire slips, Birth Certificates.
  • You sign an undertaking form that will be provided to them by the school intended, in case of any truancy, headstrong, theft, fighting with a student colleague or teacher, un justify absences you will be dismissed without prior notice.


Courses offered in the First Cycle: –                                        Courses offered in the Second Cycle:

First Cycle:                                                                                          Civil Engineering (F4)

Building Construction                                                                    Cabinet Making (MEB)

Woodwork                                                                                         Motor Mechanics (MA)

Electricity                                                                                            Sheet Metal (MF-CM)

Motor Mechanics                                                                            Electrical Technology (F3)

Sheet Metal                                                                                       Electronics (F2)

Electronics                                                                                          Telecommunications

Telecommunications                                                                     Arts & Fashion

Dressmaking                                                                                      Home Economics (ESF)

Home Economics                                                                             Accounting (G2)

Accounting                                                                                         Secretary Ship G1)

Office Clerks                                                                                      Marketing (3)

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