13 Jan

In every institution of learning, provisions are being made for co-curricular activities during which the students with similar skills from different classes get to sit together and share their experiences and knowledge. It for this reason that this college under the main banner of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award club has created different clubs (music club, drama club, environmental club and photography club).

Nacho Bilingual Comprehensive High School is privilege to be the only school in the North West Region given the opportunity to train students for the award of the “Duke of Edinburgh’s Award”. This is an international program aim at empowering the youths between 14 – 25 years with a sense of service (to be of service to others and their communities), sense of skill (to be train in specific and practical skills), sense of physical recreation (to participate in physical activities and improvement in performance), sense of expeditions (to encourage a spirit of adventure, discovery and personal initiative). Every student without medical complication is viable. At the end of this, the youths are awarded with either a bronze, silver or goal medals.

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