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Ngafor Albert Memorial Scholarship Scheme (NAMSS)


Nacho Bilingual Comprehensive High School is a technical, commercial and grammar school situated in Mankon- Bamenda that strives to offer a scholarship scheme to the underprivileged ones .The main aim of this scholarship scheme is to help meet up with the millennium development educational goal and our interest to boast the tapping of the marginalized and untapped human capital in Cameroon and the world at large. This school is out train competent youths who shall become entrepreneurs and job creators in future. For Cameroon and Africa to emerge, we have to invest more on human capital and revamp technical education and also by professionalizing education.


Eligibility: T his scholarship scheme is open to the underprivileged children who can not afford education (orphans, physically challenged children, female children, children from HIV and Cancer ridden homes both in Cameroon and abroad.


This scheme is open for all the departments.


Continuity: whether a student will continue to benefit from this scheme will depend on that student’s academic performance.


Limit: The number of chances for this scheme is limited to 50 students from Cameroon and abroad.


Deadline : The deadline for application is 17th August 2014.

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